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There are four different ways you can celebrate mom on Facebook this year. First, you can send her a virtual card. In the coming days, you may see a News Feed message wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day. You can tap that message to send a card to a loved one. If you’re on mobile, you can also personalize it by adding a photo. You can choose for the card to post as a public message on their timeline, or as a private chat message.

Alternatively you can snap a picture of yourself in the app and decorate it with a fresh Mother’s Day-themed mask or frame. You can also choose a new reaction, “thankful,” instead of the usual six reactions—Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry—when Liking posts on Sunday. The “thankful” reaction will be indicated by a flower. When you tap it, you’ll see a screen animation wrap around the post.


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